About Us




The Mosquito Creek Sportsmen's Association was developed on May 26, 1946 at the Frenchville Church Pavilion. At that time, there were 40 members who paid a $2 initiation fee and a $1 annual due. Naming the club came from the one element of the local outdoor world which could be a common binder. Thus the name "Mosquito Creek" the area's premier trout stream.

  1. The goal of the club is to form a body of men, women, and youth who are interested in the outdoor sports of hunting, fishing, rifle matches, trap shoots, and general conversation.
  2. To encourage active participation in all the things that have to do with participating sports of the outdoors and community betterment.
  3. To assist in all ways possible in the training of the youth in the use of firearms and the sportsmen's code of conduct.
  4. To teach organization and cooperation.
  5. To co-operate with other organizations when desirable and to affiliate with them on certain projects for the good of our wildlife and cooperation efforts.